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Laptop and Tablet Repairs

We live in a mobile and digitally connected world, and at Ram Hi-Tech we understand how vitally important your Laptop, mobile phone or tablet is. When a laptop, tablet or mobile phone breaks, it is a painful and frustrating loss for this reason Ram Hi-Tech provide an efficient and affordable repair service.

Ram Hi-Tech provides quick and efficient repairs to most makes of laptop and tablet that meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. With a well-trained, qualified and experienced team of service and repair engineers, Ram Hi-Tech insists on only using original or certified genuine parts and components on all jobs.

Any laptop or tablet requiring a repair can be brought into our conveniently located service centres in Hyderabad, Vijayawada or Khammam where we will assess the item. Many tablets and laptops can be repaired within a few hours and should we not have immediate access to parts most repairs will be completed in under a week.

At Ram Hi-Tech our repair technicians are experienced and certified a repair most brands and models of tablets and laptops. Excellent service and guaranteed repairs that meet manufacturer standards will ensure Ram Hi-Tech return your laptop, tablet or mobile phone in perfect working order in as little time as possible.

For the best service and repairs of your laptop or tablet contact Ram Hi-Tech today.

We are a total solution providers, here are more services that we provide.


With very low machine per engineer ratio; we are always a preferred choice for Maintenance. We undertake conference and non- conference maintenance of all Laptops, desktops, servers, printers and peripherals.


Network setup and management is one area where Ram Hi-Tech is always remembered by the IT industry. We provide high end networking solutions of internet and intranet using cable and wireless networking.


Ram Hi-Tech provides well qualified and experienced manpower for a wide range of requirements. With our widely spread wings deep into the roots of the industry, we have a huge database of talent pool to support the manpower needs of our clients. Our service is cost effective yet reliable.

Custom Power and SMP Systems Repair

With an erratic power supply, the use of electronic and computer equipment can be compromised, and PCs, Tablets, TVs and other appliances can be damaged.

Ram Hi-Tech has a specialist team that focus on the supply, maintenance and repair of Custom Power Systems and Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMP) solutions.

At Ram Hi-Tech we have many years experience in protecting valuable electronic equipment from power surges and power drops. Our expertise makes us uniquely qualified to assist home and commercial users in the provision of solutions that stabilise power input. Our team of technicians can supply simple out of the box solutions or create custom power supply and control systems to meet exact or more complex needs.

Ram Hi-Tech can answer all your questions about power supply to your electronic devices and equipment. We are happy to talk on the phone, meet you in our workshops or come out to your home or company to assess your requirements.

Likewise, Ram Hi-Tech can maintain and repair existing power supply systems in the home or in commercial use.

For further information on Custom Power Supply or SMP Systems please contact us between 10am and 8pm seven days a week.