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Don’t replace your broken Technology... Repair it.

Ram Hi-Tech - Professional repairs of Laptops, LCD/LED TVs and Projectors using genuine parts at prices you can afford.

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Why choose Ram Hi-Tech?

Established in 1995 has been repairing Electronic Equipment to standards that exceed those of the original manufacturer. With outstanding levels of service, using original parts Ram Hi-Tech repair computer equipment, laptops, tablets, LCD/LED TVs and other equipment.

Ram Hi-Tech is a central point for all guaranteed electronic repairs done at value for money prices ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Ram Hi-Tech are certified service and repair experts that can be relied upon and trusted. With an internal training program, all Ram Hi-Tech technicians have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure any repair is undertaken efficiently and effectively.

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Certified Service Professionals
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22 Years of Experience
100% Satisfaction